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Diatom of the month – October 2016: Brachysira brebissonii

by Charlotte Briddon* 
Brachysira brebissonii (formerly known as Anomoeoneis brachysira) is a freshwater, benthic diatom. It is widespread in lakes and rivers from the Arctic to tropical and temperate regions. In 1981 the Anomoeoneis and Brachysira genera were separated, as two sets of longitudinal ribswere observed in Brachysira specimens, one surrounding the valve (marginally at the junction of valve face and mantle), and another composed of two straight ribs, discontinuous in the central area that border the raphe, which the genus Anomoeoneis lacks.

              Brachysira brebissonii(phototaken by Paul Hamilton at Egg Harbour Lakes, New Jersey, United States; see Hamilton, 2010).
Case study of Tasik Chini
I have chosen this diatom because it has played a meaningful role in aiding our understanding of past and current environmental conditions/water quality at Tasik Chini, (a flood pulse wetland in Malaysia). Tasik Chini, a natural freshwater flood pulse wetland, consists of a series o…