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Marsh Madness 2015: Elite Ate

Instant replay still While the NCAA final may be over, the long time scale of function in the Everglades means we're just begining the Elite Ate. In the last round , the alligator trumped the spoonbill and the ibis blew away the crocodile. The feral cat continued its siege on the 'Glades, shutting out the once-feared Brazilian pepper.The island apple snail held on against water hyacinth. Floc flopped against sawgrass, the alligator flea forced down the dragonfly, and the mosquito took down the no-see-um. HOWEVER, one match continues in a battle beyond our one-week time scale. Periphyton (3) and Red mangroves (2) remain locked in a vicious tredecuple overtime (i.e. the votes were tied, and I know no one would believe me if periphyton won the coin toss). THEREFORE, this Swamp Sixteen battle rages on, and we need YOUR votes to decide who goes on to face the lean, green, fighting machine of sawgrass. WHO will it be? MORE CAPS FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Periphyton sweaters seem t

Writtens in a Word Cloud

This past week I took my comprehensive exams at Florida International University .  I basically spent five straight days answering questions that my dissertation committee prepared for me.  I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.  I was excited to show all I have learned and enjoyed the challenging open-ended questions. At the same time it was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.  Any ecologist would agree, sitting inside for five straight days is depressing especially when you live in Florida and every day is perfect.  Staying motivated was nearly impossible. I started out strong but by the last day it took every ounce of self control to stay at my computer and finish my last exam.  I knew I was close to the end but the exams wear you down and push you past the edge of your knowledge. I spent six weeks studying for my exams. I started without much strategy, frantically reading every paper that related to my committee's topics.  I felt overwhelmed and kne

Marsh Madness 2015: Swamp Sixteen

A bit behind schedule due to "rain delays" in the sawgrass fields of play (i.e. I'm just now getting to it. Not sure if it's actually rained out in the 'Glades the past two days. We'll just assume it has). Anywho, the Round of 32 is done and gone, and with only 2 voters many of these matches came down to a coin toss game of chance. You have your bracket below for SWAMP Sixteen. A review of the matchups: