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Diatom of the Month: December 2016 - Tabellaria fenestrata

            by Kristen Dominguez*                      As an undergraduate student in Evelyn Gaiser’s Lab at Florida International University (FIU), I was           provided the opportunity to visit and study the algae of the pristine and gorgeous Lake Annie .           Located at the Archbold Biological Station (halfway from Miami to Orlando), this sinkhole lake fed           by rainfall and groundwater is home to a wide variety of organisms, including many planktonic           algae. In 2006, this tiny lake became part of the Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network that           examines global trends in lake ecosystems. Fig. 1.  Kristen taking Secchi depth measurements of water transparency at Lake Annie . Fig. 2. Kristen Dominguez (left), Dr. Evelyn Gaiser (middle) and Dr. Emily Nodine (right) collecting samples at Lake Annie .           In monomictic lakes such as Lake Annie, little