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Diatom of the month - December 2015: Tursiocola ziemanii

by Luca Marazzi* ‘Who’ is it? Tursiocola ziemanii is one of three new species described by FIU’s Dr. Thomas Frankovich and colleagues in a recent paper in Phytotaxa , a journal dedicated to the publication of discoveries on the taxonomy of plants, algae, mosses, lichens and fungi. The name was chosen to honor Dr. Joseph C. Zieman (1943–), in recognition of his generous support of diatom research in, and contributions to our understanding of, Florida Bay. A manatee in South Florida. Source : Scalebars: a. 5 µm; b)10 µm; Length Range : 20-61 µm;                           Width Range : 2.4-5.2 µm; Striae in 10 µm : 22-25 Scanning electron microscopy photos of Tursiocola ziemanii in a) valve or face view and b) girdle or lateral view . Source : Frankovich et al. (2015