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Hungry for outreach? Try a Data Nugget!

The title of our Data Nugget. If you are passionate about the broader impact of your data, you should consider incorporating it into a Data Nugget.  Data Nugget s are an opportunity for scientists to bring their data into the K-12 classroom. A Data Nugget is an activity, developed by scientists and teachers, that use real scientific data. Using real data in the classroom gives students experience working with "messy ecological data." Two summers ago I worked with my advisor , a Research Experience for Undergraduate student, and a Research Experience for Teachers intern ( RET ) to complete a study investigating how gradients of salt and phosphorus influence soil microbes. Our RET, Ms. Casal, was fantastic! Ms. Casal's background is in chemistry and she teaches at Felix Varela . Ms. Casal went into the field with us to collect samples, helped run analyses on samples in the lab, and co-designed our Data Nugget. Our RET, Ms. Casal, helping process samples in the l